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Our Facilities

EuroPlast injection molding plant, WisconsinEuroPlast's Westfield sports caps plantClass 100,000 clean room - EuroPlast injection moldinginjection molding tools

EuroPlast Ltd. maintains two Wisconsin facilities, one for plastic injection molding and one for automated high-speed part assembly.The Endeavor plant has 18 injection molding presses which range from 20 to 680 tons – capable of producing a variety of parts with extreme precision. The Endeavor plant has a Class 100,000 clean room, assembly equipment, engraving machines and welding machines.

Our plant in Westfield is devoted to the assembly of sports cap plastic bottle closures.

Our equipment includes all-electric molding machines that allow us to manufacture your parts with a higher degree of dimensional accuracy and part repeatability. They offer superior process control and Six Sigma manufacturing capability. High energy efficiency makes them more environmentally friendly.

Our operations managers are dedicated to maintaining efficient processes and high quality products.

Our engineering expertise extends to our mold shop where our journeymen toolmakers  maintain molds for consistent high quality production.

We can accommodate production runs from 500 pieces to 100 million.

EuroPlast has high-speed automated assembly equipment.

We have real-time production monitoring and offer Kanban scheduling.

Both our plants are located just off Interstate Highway 39, allowing for efficient shipping.

Let’s Talk About Your Injection Molding Needs

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