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Thank you for your interest in the news and information that EuroPlast Ltd. has to offer.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the news about us or the information we are providing here.

WI State Representative Joan Ballweg Tours EuroPlast

by Europlast

in News on Nov 5, 2017

Harald Zacharias, the President of EuroPlast, and Paul Bechwar, the COO, gave Representative Joan Ballweg and Representative Ripp a tour around their world-class plastic injection molding company in Endeavor during a recent visit. As one of a handful of sports cap enclosure manufacturers, we have developed a successful niche with custom injection molding customers across… Read More >

We’re Growing Our Custom Injection Molding Team

by Europlast

in News on Jan 25, 2017

EuroPlast Ltd. is excited to announce Greg Gralewski has joined EuroPlast Ltd. team located in Endeavor, WI as our Custom Molding Sales Engineer. Greg has worked with a select group of top tier Midwest based molders providing direct hands on support to OEM manufacturers for 30-years and we are glad to have him aboard. Greg… Read More >

Why Injection Molders use PEEK for Medical Device Parts

by Europlast

in News on Jan 15, 2017

Today more and more manufacturers of medical device parts are using PEEK (polyetheretherketone). Why PEEK? Because this material is bio-compatible, inert to body fluids, and can be processed relatively easy with high precision micro molding for individual implants or surgical instruments. For medical device parts, PEEK provides a great benefit: It saves weight, allows more… Read More >

What Are Bioplastics Used For?

by Peter Rathmann

in Helpful Information News on Nov 27, 2016

Bioplastics are plastics in which all carbon is derived from renewable feedstocks. They may or may not be biodegradable. Biobased plastics contain both renewable and fossil-fuel-based carbon. The percentage of biobased ingredients and the conditions under which the biobased product may biodegrade, if at all, vary widely. Some common applications of bioplastics are packaging materials,… Read More >

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