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EuroPlast Ltd. offers numerous value-added services to enhance and further prepare your plastic injection molded parts. These services include pad printing, laser engraving, sonic welding, hot-plate welding, heat staking, assembly,  product testing and packaging.

  • Pad Printing
  • Laser Engraving
  • Sonic and Hot Plate Welding
  • Heat Staking
  • Foil Sealing and Lining Services
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
  • Performance Testing
  • Designing
  • Tooling

Additional information and descriptions about our services is listed below.

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Pad Printing

Pad printing is a process which colored inks are stamped onto a plastic part. A steel template in the shape of the desired design or text is created and acts as an ink reservoir. The ink is then transferred to the part using a flexible pad. Multiple colors and artwork are possible

Laser Engraving

EuroPlast’s laser engraving machine is capable of highly detailed, permanent engraving on metal or plastic. Laser markings will not chip, peel, smear or wash away and are not affected by humidity or other environmental conditions.

Sonic Welding

Sonic Welding Services

Sonic Welding Services

Sonic welding is a process in which a non-stationary part is vibrated against a stationary part at a high frequency. The friction created at the contact points effectively melts the parts at those points and welds them together. Through the process, the two parts are welded into a single part which cannot be disassembled.

Sonic welding normally is used when both parts are comprised of similar materials, however, metal inserts can be sonic welded into a part by vibrating the insert and forcing the surrounding plastic to melt and secure it.

Hot Plate Welding

Hot plate welding is used to weld two parts that are larger than would be practical for sonic welding. The parts are seated in custom fitted nests and a hot plate centered between them heats the contact points. The plate is then removed and the two parts are pressed together to form one complete part.

Heat Staking

EuroPlast Can Assemble Parts and insert Items into Plastic Injection Molded Parts.

EuroPlast can assemble parts and insert items into plastic molded parts.

Heat staking is a process of mechanically bonding two parts together which are comprised of dissimilar materials. This process can bond plastics with greatly differing melt points, or two completely different materials, such as metal and plastic.


Assembly can range from manually snapping two parts together to customized complex insertion procedures. For one customer, EuroPlast designed and manufactured pneumatic assembly devices and fixtures to insert a small integrated circuit board into a molded part.

Consumer-Ready Product Packaging

From our dock to yours, ready for sale to your customers! Our complete packaging and labeling service saves you time and money. Whether it’s a completed part in a labeled bag or an assortment of components complete with instructions, our staff will ensure that your product is of high quality and consumer ready. Just open the box and put your product on the shelves!

Performance Testing

EuroPlast offers product performance testing to ensure its plastic injection molded parts meet yourspecified requirements. We place the product under the same stresses it will receive when it reaches the consumer. Testing can include hermetic seals, strain, torque, pressure and a variety of others. EuroPlast can design and validate virtually any type of destructive or nondestructive test fixture.


Let EuroPlast help you with your next tooling design.  With over 25 years of experience in tool design and tool production, our journeymen tool makers can help you maximize the investment of your tooling for the lowest total cost of ownership ensuring the most efficient production.


EuroPlast’s roots are in tooling. Like helping you with the design of the tool, we can produce the tool with our in house team. From gate location to cycle time and the number of cavities to the actual tool material.  We can help.

Foil Sealing and Lining Services

EuroPlast has a facility dedicated to the assembly of our Sports Caps and Closures. As part of the assembly process, we do provide foil sealing and lining for tamper evidence and freshness needs.

Call 608-587-2333, or e-mail us to start the conversation about helping your efforts.